A Little About Ed

The case of the murder of Stacey Sites and conviction of Rodney Reed for it is not as plain as is stated. There are other things at play in the case which sheds light on a bigger issue – corruption.

One of the things is the case of the alleged suicide of Bastrop police officer, Ed Salmela. This is a case all on it’s own but is very much related to the Sites murder.

Newspaper clipping held by brother Scott

In this 7.20.20 edition of Community and Finance on The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew, Scott Salmela was to have joined to present some information on his brother’s death but unfortunately his mother-in-law passed away shortly before the broadcast and he could not make it. The opportunity was taken to present some information already available on the case until Scott can join at a later date.

NB. In the video there was an erroneous mention of Joe Bryant’s wife receiving a threatening phone call from the attorney general. It was Carla Hall, now ex-wife of David Hall, that received that call.

The entire show can be viewed via this link or the video box below.

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