The Jamaican Women of Florida (JWOF), Inc., is a Florida Not-For-Profit organization formed with the development of leadership and personal skills to operate in a global environment of the Jamaican Floridian woman in mind.

The Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council (GJDYC), is a youth-led platform, (endorsed by the Jamaica Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade) that engages youth of Jamaican descent and is driven to invest in the youth of Jamaican heritage in the Diaspora.

In this 9.16.19 edition on Community and Finance on The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew, we had the luxury of having a representative from both of these organizations. From JWOF, we had Hillary Creary Esq. and she shared a little about the goal of JWOF and the upcoming workshop on cannabis. From GJDYC, we had Rain Jarrett and she shared a little about the formation of the group and the upcoming youth link up.

The entire show can be viewed via this link or the video below.

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