Psychological Effects of Natural Disasters

This week, The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew was focused on things related to climate change and this 9.4.19 edition of Real Talk took aim at how we cope after some of these events that are happening more frequently with the change in our climate.

Photo credit: Matteo Vistocco

The trauma that usually manifests after a severe weather event like a tornado, flooding, wildfire, or hurricane is often overlooked but is very real. When conditions like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is mentioned, one immediately thinks of military personnel but the reality is the majority of us after going through an extreme weather event, experience PTSD and we looked at how survivors of these events would typically behave and the kind of help that would be needed for them.

Also, in the aftermath of a disaster, there are people that come to the rescue, the first responders, and they, although being heroes is what they do for a living, have to deal with not only the disaster itself in their own families but the carnage in the aftermath of some of these events. We were joined by “The Superhero’s Therapist”, Jess Jefferson, to talk about what first responders go through as they do their jobs to help the victims of natural disasters.

The entire show can be viewed via this link or the video below

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