A Changing Climate

This week on The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew brought us shows relating to climate change, all in an effort to raise awareness of this changing time and its effects on us, the inhabitants of this beautiful planet. However, if we are not careful and start making changes now, we’ll be our own destruction.

In this 9.2.19 edition of Community and Finance, we took a look at global warming and how it can affect our economy, our living arrangements, how we invest in real estate, where we plan to retire, vacation and even go to school.

Photo credit: Wolf Schram

We touched on the various weather events that can and have been happening as a result of climate change – the excessive precipitation which causes flooding, the increase in major hurricane occurrences, the excessive heat events, the excessive droughts and other environmental events like the melting of polar ice, rise in sea levels and increases in wild fires.

The entire show can be viewed via this link or by the video below.

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