It’s devastating to a man when he’s told that his child isn’t his so what’s the feeling when the woman that has carried her child to term, went through the stress and strain of child birth and witnessed the manifestation of a whole new person is told the same thing?

Photo credit: Jaron Nix

The phenomenon called chimerism is one that is quite fascinating, the thought of an individual with two sets of genomes is beyond words. Here’s what is even more interesting though, it is actually not that uncommon in nature. It happens in other animals and even plants. Some animals actually need it to happen for the survival of their species.

In this 8.27.19 edition of Healthy Love on The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew, we look at chimerism, what it is, how it happens and how it may affect people.

The entire show can be viewed via this link or by the video below

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