Let’s Do It In… ???

Most would have heard by now but of the removal of Koriq from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival Song Competition, but if not, read this “https://www.jamaicatoday.com/finalist-pulled-from-festival-song-show/” (courtesy of Jamaica Today). Tonight, after the legal segment for the diaspora with Owen K. Ferguson, we take some time to chat with Koriq live from Europe about all that went down and where his next move takes him… Community & Finance on The Night Shift with Dj-Kevin Stew… @ 10PM ET on www.kevinstew.com, www.pemgtv.com, www.rockdabox.net, The Foundation Radio Network; Tunein radio app on The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew & Rockdabox.net … call or text 773-789-STEW (7839), skype – Kevin.Stew #tnswidkevinstew #itsamovement

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